Deni 5200 Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Deni 5200

Deni 5200 has a powerful motor all right; there is a double insulated gel cylinder (to freeze the basic ingredients) and a Clear-Vue lid (fits on unit and canister) and Candy Crusher to prepare custom, premium ice creams.

Maximum utilization is gained through fully automatic operation and freedom from salt and/or ice is definitely a plus; unlike 12-hour wonders, this one freezes just in 8.

The candy crusher is another scoring point for the Deni 5200 automatic ice cream maker, so the messy grinding part is over. Candy or anything similar is dispensed into the ice cream or the frozen yogurt, sherbet and other frosty creations directly.

The ice cream machine is great if frozen drinks including Pina Coladas, frozen Daiquiris and icy thick Margaritas are in the list. Takes just a few steps doing that: put all fruits and natural ingredients into the pre-frozen freeze canister, turn the machine on and add toppings before feasting within minutes.

The Deni 5200 beats quite a few brands with its colors, such as Cuisinart.. The traditional White needs no mention; it’s blueberry, raspberry and lime that have been introduced to maintain parity in modern kitchens. For those strictly glass and steel, the Platinum finish deserves a look.

There are discrete things that now require being told about the Deni ice cream maker. Taking up moderate space, it is highly portable if the space could be arranged.

The hidden cord storage facilitates portability while the anti-slip rubber feet makes it non-slipping on almost all kinds of surfaces. 40 watts of power is available at most of the places.

What’s seen?

An amazing speed, to start off. Granted the tests didn’t reveal how the Deni automatic ice cream maker shall work long term, but so far, the time varied between the 15-20 minutes ranges. That’s for the recipes it comes with (decent stuff) and for the derived formulations. Maintaining the guidelines and instructions on recipes out of the Deni cookbook makes things happen with ease.

From the very passable vanilla and other basics to experimental wonders in varied proportions of fat and other contents, the Deni ice cream makers are a true delight to them not lacking in imaginations. For the impatient or hasty-doer, the canister shall spin fine but shall bog a mix down to a colder ice cream mixture that can’t be put into further use.

But, one thing. The gel canister proves to be a heat-guzzler; the longer it’s kept in the freezer (minimum, of course, a little more than 8 hours; almost 9), the better. That reduces chilling time for the base mix, but not the burden of making a fine mix. For best results, the mix must be frozen in the blender jar and the ice cream maker turned on before pouring in the ice cream mix.

At the end:

The Deni 5200 automatic ice cream maker is fine enough as long as there is a max of 4 people and shall be adored more by perfectionists. Omitting the freeze in the blender step may not provide very satisfactory results (foamy textures don’t look much good) unless there’ present an affinity for soft serve ice creams.

And cleaning – the material reeks unless cleaned properly before storage, something Deni must look into without any further delay. It is not always possible to clean ice cream makers immediately after an use.

Amongst many-an-indulgences today, super premium ice creams are one. They belong to the Gourmet stratum; the cravings for them churned out mechanical – and then electro-mechanical solutions, getting rid of the necessity to visit the local ice cream parlors every time.

The idea soon followed and each brand had a rival sooner; the fiery battle between ice creams and their makers since continues.

Points Deni 5200 stresses upon

  • Fully automatic.
  • Easy to operate.
  • NO salt or ice needed.
  • Candy crusher dispenses crushed candy into the preparation.
  • New gel canister freezing in 8 hours.
  • Compact and fits anywhere.
  • Capacity: 1.5 quarts of ice cream, frozen drinks, yogurts or any other frozen treats.
  • Designed for enhanced portability.
  • Available in 5 different finishes.


  • H: 15.25 inches
  • W: 10 inches
  • Dia: 9.7 inches